Our innovative partition system is a champion in fast, flexible and easy assembly and dismantling. Carpe event productions designed click.wand with cost- and time-savings in mind. Tool-free installation simplifies operation, while providing unmatched stability, homogeneity and display quality.


The click.wand system consists of individual, white partitions (2.50 m high), which can be clicked up to a height of 5m, as easy as stacking Legos.


The potential uses of the wall system are almost unlimited. We build individual exhibition stands or entire trade fairs and exhibition sections. For events that require fixed seating areas (such as conventions, meetings or conferences), the click.wand can be used to quickly and efficiently create flexible space for a meeting room, back office, separated catering and wardrobe, stage backdrop or as an advertising area.


click.wand provides the perfect presentation space for art exhibitions or as a poster wall for architecture competitions.


The click.wand system comes with extensive accessories to help you express your vision: lighting, picture hooks, doors, shelving systems, glass elements, emergency exits and curtains. The mobile partition wall system can also be equipped with foil plots, Forex and fabric prints, lamination with foils in different colours.

Top 6 Argumente für die click.wand:

Deutschland- und europaweite Montage


Professionelle CAD – Zeichnungen


Bis zu 2.500 lfm und vielfältiges Zubehör




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