The Digital Age – Nevertheless and precisely for this reason, the importance of trade fairs is growing.

For many years, the trade fair as a marketing instrument has been an essential instrument for many industries in reaching their customers. Despite digitalisation and the associated increase in information possibilities, many customers still want personal contact or a non-binding introduction at a trade fair.

Many small and medium-sized companies have also discovered trade fairs for themselves, because a trade fair touches all elements of the well-known marketing mix holistically. This means that by participating in a trade fair, exhibitors can simultaneously implement the communication, price, distribution and product policy of their company.

According to the AUMA trade fair trend, German companies were even able to realize an average of approx. 8.8 trade fair participations per year in 2018 (source: Statista, 2018). The development of the average participation of German companies in trade fairs per year is therefore subject to a positive trend; Germany is now one of the most important trade fair venues in the world. It is therefore time for companies to increasingly address the issues of trade fair organisation, trade fair presentation and stand planning.


Collectivity or individuality? The right choice of stand system

A successful trade fair appearance primarily comprises the planning of the trade fair stand, whereby the following factors are essentially important: design, feasibility, flexibility and rapid assembly. The aim here is to combine and match the requirements of the customer with the challenges of the companies in the best possible way.

One of the main challenges facing companies when planning a trade fair stand is certainly the budget and the associated issues. In what way do I want to present my company to the demanding customer – is a display wall/roll-up and a mobile trade fair counter sufficient, should it be a conventional construction or system stand construction, standardized or individual?

If the decision is made in favour of system stand construction, the question of feasibility in terms of efficiency, speed and flexibility arises. Sustainability also plays an important role today. No company wants to be involved in an increasing CO2 balance when trucks transport the heavy exhibition stands across Germany. The topic of costs also includes the question of the longevity of the products and the manufacturing method. A trade fair wall system can be used flexibly and provided with logos and design or completely in the colours of the respective corporate identity. This makes it a cost-effective option in the long term.
Once the decision has been made on a suitable type of trade fair stand, it is usually a matter of designing the trade fair stand.


Tips for a successful trade fair stand design – what do I have to consider?

– Position the company lettering in the right place
– Adapt the colour stand design to the corporate design of your company
– Install graphics
– Describe your products briefly and concisely. The visitor must understand what you are doing in the shortest possible time,
You only have seconds to draw the visitor’s attention to your stand.
– Ensure easy readability
– Take into account the walking paths in the exhibition hall and the distance to the visitor.
– Observe the technical guidelines (such as maximum overall heights).
– Plan storage areas
– Pay attention to your neighbours on the stand (e.g. in terms of height)
– Make sure your stand is well lit
– Think about audiovisual media


The right decision for an exhibition stand – and now?

The so-called all-round carefree package offers the innovative partition wall system for trade fairs and events from carpe event productions. The click.wand has the advantage that it can be set up very flexibly and quickly, assembly takes place virtually without tools. With 2,500 running meters and individual modules in different widths and heights (from 2.50 to 3 meters), there are almost no limits to the possible combinations. In addition, there are various doors, LED lighting, frames, panels, hooks and much more accessories. In addition, the wall elements are extremely durable and sustainable.

The use of the click.wand guarantees you a flexible and fast assembly due to the system construction and still offers a high degree of individuality as well as creativity in design.

With a flexible and fast set-up, a high degree of individuality and creativity in design and layout as well as sustainability, companies can use the click.wand to meet almost all of their customers’ challenges for a successful and professionally implemented trade fair stand and appearance.
Inform yourself now about your possibilities, we will find the solution!






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