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At carpe event productions we know how crucial a professional product presentation is for the success of your trade fair appearance. Our specialized solutions make your product stand out and help you to attract new customers.

Every brand is unique. And so the requirements of a successful product presentation are unique in the context of the brand. We develop individual concepts that represent your product in the spirit of your brand and appeal to your target group.

That's why carpe event productions is your partner for product presentation in a trade fair context:

  • Creative presentation: Based on the product information and brand context, our team develops presentation approaches that remain in memory and ensure concluded contracts.
  • Innovative elements: In our conception and workshop, presentation elements are created that are stimulating and memorable. This not only improves the perception of your products, but also ensures that they are permanently anchored in the memory of your target group.
  • Consulting expertise: Our team has more than twenty years of experience in designing and implementing successful presentations.

Your path to a successful product presentation


We use an initial consultation to get to know each other. Together we will develop ideas for your trade fair appearance and discuss how to proceed. Book your appointment here for your free initial consultation.


Based on the initial consultation and your briefing, we develop an individual concept. We continually coordinate with you so that the result exceeds your expectations.

Logistics & construction

We make sure that everything is set up on site at an early stage. This means we can react flexibly to any changing environmental situation.

Support during the trade fair

We are also available during product presentations at the trade fair and are always there when you need us.

Dismantling & logistics

After the trade fair, we organize dismantling and ensure smooth removal.

Final interview

We will discuss the results of the trade fair at a meeting together. In this way, we collect specific insights for your company and can thus further optimise your trade fair strategy

We have already successfully realised these product presentations.

  • Product presentation Legua
  • "Boulevard of Ideas" Spoga
  • Product presentation Anuga
  • Product presentation Anuga
  • Showcases ISM
  • Product presentation ISM trade fair
  • Product presentation Anuga Taste
  • Product presentation One Nature

Frequently asked questions

A professional product presentation at trade fairs is crucial to attract the attention of potential customers and increase the success of your trade fair appearance. It makes it possible to present your product optimally and attract new customers.

Our team develops creative presentation approaches based on the product information and brand context. We rely on ideas that stay in your memory and lead to successful deals.

Our conception and workshop produce innovative presentation elements that are stimulating and memorable. In this way, we not only improve the perception of your products, but also anchor them sustainably in the memory of your target group.

Our team has more than twenty years of experience in designing and realising successful product presentations. We are at your side with comprehensive consulting expertise.

Our process includes a free initial consultation, the development of an individual concept, early logistics and on-site setup, support during the trade fair, dismantling and safe logistics afterwards, as well as a final discussion to optimize your trade fair strategy.

You can book a free consultation for your product presentation at carpe event by contacting us.


We have successfully implemented product presentations for events such as Anuga Horizon, Spoga, Orgatec and many others. Our references show our expertise and our ability to realise it successfully.

Our product presentation services have been used by a wide range of brands and industries, including food, sporting goods, technology companies and more.

Our product presentations are individually customised to your brand. We take into account the unique character of your brand to create an appealing and effective presentation environment.

Our many years of experience, our commitment to creativity and innovation as well as our comprehensive consulting expertise make us the preferred partner for product presentations at trade fairs. We strive to exceed your expectations and represent your brand in the best possible way.


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