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Trade fair stands don't just have to look good. What's more important is that the trade fair appearance is successful for your company in the end. In order to achieve the common goal, we develop and implement outstanding stand concepts.

At the same time, we relieve your team and take on all tasks from conception to implementation and follow-up. Our experts are always at your side and help you make good decisions.

We consistently rely on ecological and economically sensible concepts. With the clickwand system, we have developed a solution that forms the basis for almost all customer projects with high-quality mobile walls and rooms. The system uses reusable elements. This protects the environment and your budget .

Our experience from more than 20 years of trade fair construction with hundreds of successful stands make us your best choice for your trade fair project.

Your path to a successful trade fair strategy


Together we will develop ideas for your trade fair appearance and discuss how to proceed. Book your appointment here for your free initial consultation.


Based on the initial consultation and your briefing, we develop an individual concept and continually coordinate with you so that the result exceeds your expectations.

Logistics & construction

We ensure that everything is set up on site at an early stage. This means we can react flexibly to any changes in the surrounding situation.


We are also available for you during the trade fair and are always there when you need us.

Dismantling & Logistics

After the trade fair, we organize dismantling and ensure a trouble-free transport.

Final interview

We discuss the results of the trade fair at a joint appointment. We use this to collect specific insights for your company and can thus further optimize your trade fair strategy.


Modular construction

For many companies taking part in a trade fair for the first time, the exhibition and sales area is often the main focus when planning their trade fair stand. But a lack of storage space, places to retreat or hiding places for technical equipment often leads to challenges during the trade fair.

Our consulting service focuses on the conceptual structure of your trade fair stand, carefully considering all important main and secondary areas. We help you not only optimally design the exhibition space, but also integrate efficient storage spaces and retreat areas to ensure a smooth and appealing trade fair experience.


Sales areas

Attract more attention by conceptually dividing your product series. Set priorities and create areas for successful conversations with visitors.


Meeting rooms

Contract negotiations, sales and technical discussions. Create pleasant and discreet spaces in the middle of the trade fair for your very personal and targeted conversations.


Stand catering

Motivate customers to stay longer at your stand with a coffee or a cold drink and improve your conversion rate. Offer visitors a pleasant break from the trade fair events


External perception

For better visibility, optimize your external presentation with round banners, high-rise buildings or special lighting. Consider different visitor flows


Storage rooms

Important stocks very close and yet out of sight. For example, you can store cardboard boxes invisible to your visitors. In addition, you give your employees the opportunity to take a break.


Partition walls

The visual boundery to neighboring exhibitors ensures a clear and uniform presence. This way you can achieve a qualified and homogeneous appearance of your stand.

High-quality decoration for trade fair stands.

We are known as a specialist in high-quality, individual decoration and equipment for trade fair stands. Aside from the industry's often standardized solutions, we rely on a combination of individuality and quality. Our design team develops these concepts for this together with you.

Every trade fair stand tells a story. We make sure that this story is authentic and unique. The team understands how to capture the uniqueness of a company and reflect it in the design and external appearance of the trade fair stand.

In addition to an understanding of aesthetics, carpe event's designs also reflect in-depth knowledge of current trends and technologies, combined with the awareness of markets and target groups.

At carpe event, we create unique trade fair experiences that are convincing and memorable.

Selection of our successfully implemented trade fair projects:

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  • Orgatec
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  • Booth BIAG
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  • Booth Eichbaum
    Trade fair construction
  • Booth Initiative Handarbeit
    Trade fair construction
  • Booth Schramm
    Trade fair construction
  • Booth Sportnetzwerk
    Trade fair construction
  • Booth Zapp Zimmermann
    Trade fair construction
  • Booth FrozenB2B
    Trade fair construction
  • Booth Jungle Cup
    Trade fair construction
  • Structure FOF Fachmesse
    Trade fair construction
  • Booth BODI
    Trade fair construction

Frequently asked questions

A full-service trade show booth offers a comprehensive solution that includes flooring, custom graphics, furniture and decorations to ensure your booth is both visually appealing and functional.

We focus on continuous reuse and quality over quantity. Our own partition system clickwand is the heart of our sustainable approach to trade fair construction. In addition to reusability, we rely on rental furniture, energy-saving LED lighting and innovative print frame solutions for fabric graphics, as well as removable floor coverings to maximize sustainability. The combination of these elements allows not only flexibility and adaptability, but also a greener environmental footprint.

Every size has its appeal for us. No matter the size of your project or your budget, we are committed to offering you a tailored exhibition stand concept that meets your individual requirements. Our goal is to work closely with you to design a trade fair stand that reflects your vision and achieves your goals in an effective way.

We consider an operating radius of 200 km around Cologne to be the most efficient. Therefore that is also decisive for you. We are convinced that this regional focus is not only an ecologically responsible decision, but also helps to maintain the personal relationships with our customers and offer customized support.

Yes. We understand the importance of reliable storage of materials, especially for recurring trade fair appearances or long-term projects. Our goal is to offer you an additional service that supports and facilitates your long-term collaboration needs.

For meeting and sales areas, we offer interactive sales areas that enable a conceptual division of your product series. This creates focused areas for customer discussions and product demonstrations. We also offer meeting rooms that create a pleasant and discreet space for contract negotiations and technical discussions in the middle of the trade fair.

Yes, we integrate efficient storage spaces and retreat areas into the design of your exhibition stand. These allow you to store important inventory such as cardboard boxes or technical equipment close to the stand but out of sight of visitors. In addition, these rooms offer your employees the opportunity to retreat for a short time.

Yes, our offer also includes stand catering. We offer solutions that allow you to retain visitors with coffee or cold drinks, increasing the time spent at your stand and improving the chance of successful business deals.

We specialize in the development of individual, specialised contructions that reflect the uniqueness of your company. Our team uses current trends and technologies to create designs that optimally support your brand message and target group. Whether it's about special lighting elements, unique display solutions or innovative room layouts, we create special structures that make your trade fair stand stand out.


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