Mobile testing stations in the company.

The corona pandemic and the associated fight against Covid-19 pose particular challenges for companies, their employees and their customers.

Fast, uncomplicated testing and vaccination can also be made possible in companies. We build the appropriate rooms so that you can have a mobile testing station right on site in your company in a short time.

The topic of vaccination and testing determines everyday life

Whether vaccination center, vaccination cabin or vaccination buses, vaccinations are being carried out at full speed everywhere in the fight against the Covid 19 pandemic. From June 21, company doctors will also be allowed to vaccinate and many companies are already preparing accordingly.

While the population is confronted every day with the question of when can I get vaccinated and where, companies are more concerned with the organization, structure, appropriate setting up of the vaccination line and dismantling.

The separation of the corresponding treatment rooms and the routing of people on site plays just as important a role in companies as in large vaccination centers.

Partition walls from trade fair construction, such as our clickwand, are ideal for this.

The walls can be positioned flexibly, are set up quickly and can be removed just as quickly without leaving any residue after all vaccination appointments have been carried out in the company.

Are you currently thinking about how you can convert your premises into a mobile vaccination center or testing station? We support you in planning and implementation on site.

The clickwand is ideal for flexible rooms in companies and, for example, your canteen can be turned into a vaccination line or testing station in no time. Prepare yourself!

Our hygienically washable partition system – the click wall – enables us to build any requirement at short notice or adapt it to the occasion on site.

Together with us, you can create the right space for testing and/or vaccination stations for your employees on site.

We offer quick and uncomplicated solutions for your testing station in Cologne or for mobile corona tests in companies throughout Germany.

clickwand against Corona – our mobile wall system used as a test station or vaccination cabin

The temporary, mobile and hygienic wall system and the associated service have already proven themselves in several municipal vaccination centers and are not at all complicated. In the pictures you can see examples of the implementation:

Test booths

On this sketch you can see several test cabins one behind the other.

This has created a space-saving option for implementing discreet testing stations and regularly offering employees corona tests.

Accelerate the pace of vaccination – our wall system in use as a mobile vaccination center in companies.

Vaccination booths

In the second drawing you can see a “vaccination line” and examples of mobile vaccination booths, which have also been implemented in vaccination centers. Minimal contact with surfaces was taken into account. Of course, these designs can also be used as a test station.

Whether small or large, the click wall is suitable as a partition in any room

Of course, the partition system is also suitable as a hygiene partition in large rooms.

Thanks to our large rental portfolio, we can also quickly and individually equip exhibition halls, gymnasiums or tents with our wall system.


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